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It’s called food, not kibble. So before leaping to any conclusions, may I suggest that all of the above be published. Pet food is way more heavily regulated in the US. Fertilizers and pesticides not to mention the other chemicals that are dumped in our waterways by big industry…, Your email address will not be published. I fed Orijen for years with good effects. Living in these far from ideal times vis a vis food, the thing to do is learn how to grow and buy good food, to prepare and preserve it, to vastly reduce the amount of processed food we consume, and use variety to avoid high concentrations of dangerous substances or byproducts of industrial production methods. My cat started looking not too hot, coat was not what it used to be. Here is a link to the NRC report mentioned above:, They set these levels as the “maximum tolerable levels” in animal feed (rodents shown below). Anyone can do the necessary calculations using Susan’s figures if you know your dog’s weight in kg and how much food in kg he or she eats per day. I switched to Nulo and another Instinct and their coats became lustrous and soft again. Could’ve been something else, after all. I don’t trust them anymore, especially since they black listed me behind my back. we all have BPA in our bloodstream from exposure to plastics, so it would stand to reason that feed animals do as well (perhaps via their feed, or at least the plastic container for feed, water, etc). Last year my dog started to get sick, and after some vet visits, I was told he was in the early stages of kidney failure. He said yes, it would have been enough to do it. The lawsuit provided this chart of lab result findings in Acana and Orijen pet foods: With the heavy metal results provided, the levels found in the Champion Pet Food appear be be below that what authorities recognize as a ‘Maximum Tolerable Level of Minerals in Feed’. A regular female rate is apparently 8ish oz, so let’s call it a 5.5lb bag of food. Petsumer Report tells the ‘rest of the story’ on over 5,000 cat foods, dog foods, and pet treats. So is dead animals like rats used in the food. Literally. As per the bag recommendations, she gets 5 oz per day, with a spoon full of whatever we’re eating added and mixed with her food. After seeing that newsletter, I wouldn’t even think about buying anything Champion made. NO! So, they have values of 3256.4 micrograms per kilogram. Champion Feeds have won awards and have never had any recalls. L-Tryosine 0.85 0.86 1.18% ( So does that mean ALL pet food has Vitamin B6 sourced from China?),,, White Paper The areas have received wastes since 1972. The only thing we can attribute it to is that she ingested toxins her entire life eating Orijen brand food, and over time, it took her life. Champion replaced much of the meat content with legumes. I read this blog and must say the information that you shared in this blog is really very useful. Champion pet foods is a customer of ours in Canada and if you saw their warehouses you wouldn’t feed your pet their food on that alone. Another we found had died on our couch – although we knew he had a tumor so it may have been unrelated. The landfarming area was never closed. Which plant is implicated in this suit? Both are amazing nearly human grade food. We are still doing more tests from his necrospy to see if the heavy metals played a role regarding his Choroid Plexus issue in the Central Nervous System of his brain. My initial concern after reading this was that ours was being shipped in from the states. They make food with the belief that dogs should eat … Acana is lower in protein and dog’s that struggle with Orijen do better on Acana. The food from the plants in Canada are different from the ones in the US. It’s called Grandma’s Goulash- originated from my former vet but given that name because my mom, now that she’s retired, does all the cooking for her dog & mine. But the kg part of that is for the weight of the rodent. The first time you introduce a new food for rotation, mix the food 50/50 just to make sure your pet transitions well to the new ORIJEN. Mike, please let us know what you find out. Why do you think people try to buy organically. Seems I have been duped. Its as simple as the bags coming out of Canada are still vacuum sealed while the US bags are not. This recipe features free-run chicken and turkey as well as wild-caught fish and nest-laid eggs in a formula that consists of 85% poultry, fish, and egg ingredients with 15% fruits, vegetables, and botanicals. It’s listed on the back of the bad towards the botttom. I read every comment that comes in (140+ and counting). But shame on greedy companies who would forsake our family’s well being for a buck. Acana Dog Food Recall History. Do you know what the differences are between Feed Grade and Human Grade pet food? I ordered directly to the company. And what is your evidence for your accusation against those of us who comment? If your pet has become sick or has died you believe is linked to a pet food, it is important to report the issue to FDA and your State Department of Agriculture. The difference with them, is they ate two different kinds of food, so they didn’t receive as much toxicity as our dog. So this will move forward. The Clean Label Project is I think what you are talking about. Then after tonight’s vomiting episode I wondered if the fish in their dog food might be problematic and googled symptoms . Thanks Mike! The highest level of arsenic found in the Acana and Orijen dog foods was 3256.40 mcg/kg (microgram per kilogram). Both have been off of Orijen for about a year now, with several improvements. So my girl now gets: real beef, real chicken, real rabbit & whatever else is on sale. Learn how to read a bag and you can find better food for less. TIA. rice is often high in arsenic…… it uptakes copious amounts from the soil google this and you will see rice is only good 2X per week max because of this. There is obvious bias by some that do not like the pet food industry. I took her to the ER vet, who told me all of her symptoms were pointing to end stage liver failure, and her kidneys were shutting down as well. The lawsuit claims Champion pet foods (Acana and Orijen) “contain levels of arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium” “known to pose health risks to humans and animals, including dogs” and interestingly for a kibble pet food…the lawsuit claims the dry pet food contained “BISPHENOL A (“BPA”)”. Well then, using your rationale wouldn’t it be more useful to compare a meal of Champion kibble (at whatever heavy metal / BPA levels) to a meal of whole food for pets, using human grade ingredients? These concentration limits are intended to be used when Option 1 is selected to assess the metal impurity content in drug products with daily doses of not more than 10 grams per day.” So the numbers do not refer to the total amount of permitted concentrations for animals and humans, as the author of that article says. cannot think that just some people would take up this fight with the best ones on the market – seems illogical? The best thing you can feed your dog is a RAW diet that is formulated with the correct levels of vitamins and minerals so you can make sure no deficiencies would occur. feed stuff that uses “seconds” (or not fit for retail). One kitchen has nothing to do with the other, they don’t exchange meat and or fish. According to the company, the irradiation has never been conducted outside of Australia. Her issues began with her heart being enlarged. The closure consists of a three-phase approach involving application of lime and fertilizer, regrading and revegetation, and ground water/surface water monitoring. Unfortunately, even the chicken is full of fish. This was exactly my point. The store first broke (from what I could tell) by cbs San Francisco. Orijen® Six Fish Dry Dog Food. Seriously if you’re going to make these outrageous claims – CITE –, This TAPF article is about Lead. So your response is, these lawyers don’t know what they’re doing, their clients have money to waste, their pets suffered no ill effects, and a judge would be confused by the mathmatics, based on the fact your 4-legged boys are doing just fine eating the brand. Should have listened to him when he didn’t want to eat the Orijen instead of adding to it so he would eat it. Chelsea can you e-mail me privately. This sounds like a lot of B S to me. Ours was there for 2 days and in that time, it turned out to be enough time to develop pancreatitis. I won’t be swayed from feeding this brand. Molybdenum 25 250 There are terrible pet foods and better ones and best ones – but all processed pet foods are driven by profit motive first, last and always. And what is your evidence for the accusation against those of us who comment? Because these commenters (120+) have just been coming out of the woodwork on this article, despite all the research the website’s author has been doing about some really serious issues … my goal is to balance this discussion. If you didn’t you should have. The consumers are suing Champion Pet Food “for their negligent, reckless, and/or intentional practice of misrepresenting and failing to fully disclose the presence of heavy metals and toxins in their pet food sold throughout the United States. Then after we took an image of that to monitor her condition, we discovered her liver and spleen were enlarged and very odd looking. The sludge was generated from a CHROMIUM or vegetable tanning solution (water-soluble extracts from various plant parts) used to stabilize collagen fibers so that they are no longer biodegradable. If they do not have the common courtesy to call back or at the very least issue a public statement in an effort to appear transparent, then they lost my trust and business. Thank you. SF is also lucky enough to have the SFRAW food Consortium and people can subscribe to their newsletter. I think this is a really great point! This is not good news. Should I be concerned about the cat food, was that tested? I’ve always heard that Acana was top of the line nourishment. It would be really helpful for those people who want to share their best memories with pets. Hi ! Very disappointed to read this! I couldn’t understand it since it was supposed to be such good food. I couldn’t agree more with your statement Kristi. They look great and have beautiful coats. While studies have been done on chickens, hamsters, goats, miniature pigs, and rats, it appears that As is an essential nutrient for those specified. Meaning how they profit from “feed” for animals …. Champion’s food and sources are everything that they say they are. She has been within 1Kg of the weight that she was at 10 months of age. Your rationale, (meaning heavy metals are all around us in the environment) discounts the fact that a dog’s lifespan and systemic processes are compressed. I think she is doing well with the food. I wish that it had been an accusation that was supported by data, rather than the same inconclusive, repeated banter. There are “dangerous” chemicals in just about everything we interact with and consume on a daily basis, most of which are found naturally in that food. Dogs need readily absorbed nutrients – not high fiber, bulky foods like peas and lentils. Her Bilirubin was high and Albumin low. As you can see by the aerial photo, it is a small size pond of just a few acres in size plus you have all the farmed land which unless they are totally organic will produce fertilizer and pesticide runoff into that pond. The food also states that it contains 25 percent carbohydrates. Can lead to colitis and an ongoing sensitive stomach, because the bout creates such inflammation and sensitivity. People on this site care about our companions, and a loss hurts so much. My heart was broken when my dog passed. Their chat feature is offline and no one is picking up the phone. Orijen is overpriced regardless. Not quite as high as results of canned pet food, but significantly high for what a kibble pet food would be expected to contain. Most people just assume they are lower. My dog trainer recommended this food. Well that’s the thing. The fact is, all animals including us are exposed to these metals from a variety of sources such as fertilizers, pharmaceutical drugs, vaccines, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, even house dust and drinking water. You could hear by dogs stomach making making noise from across the room for hours. I just did a quick research and the data cames from the Clean Label Project, they used Ellipsed Analytics as their “independent” lab… very suspicious indeed. General choroid plexus toxicants usually accumulate in the choroid plexus and cause the substantial damage to the choroid plexus structure. Choices that will address any kind of condition what so ever. He is not a picky eater. Until 1985, the site was owned by Caldwell and received waste generated by leather-tanning processes at its plant in Auburn. So he would be getting 0.13024 mg of arsenic per day (i.e., 40 X 0.003256). L-Proline 1.22 1.19 -2.46%. An estimated 660 people obtain drinking water from private wells within 3 miles of the site. Your membership helps representatives attend meetings and voice consumer concerns with regulatory authorities. The following list (if present) includes all dog food recalls since 2009 directly related to this Champion Petfoods product. There was also now digested blood in her stool – she was bleeding internally somewhere. The other 15% is a balance of botanicals, fruits, and vegetables. Keep us posted on what you find out. I think that you would be very interested in it. This is a very expensive food, with increasingly inferior ingredients. He gets a few treats of cooked zucchini and raw apple, and takes his thyroid medication with very small pieces of potato. And no, I do not work for Champion. I took the cats off of Orijen immediately, and they are both currently doing well. After speaking to the manager at my pet food store, several other customers had done the same. One of the 3 primary plaintiffs in the class action, Jennifer Reitman, claims her dogs “were getting sick” after 4 years of her feeding them a variety of dog foods made by Champion Petfoods, specifically: Orijen Six Fish Dry Dog Food Acana Lamb & Apple Singles Formula Dry Dog Food Acana Duck & Pear Singles Formula Dry Dog Food I find it hard to believe about the Acana and Orijen foods containing those nasties. Obviously not. I assume the law firm in the suit obtained the data from a subpoena, but you would think a project that purports to be about openness and transparency in labeling would practice what they preach. I like how everyone is so hot to defend these companies that couldn’t care less about the health or well-being of your pet. Otherwise, this should be a great food for active dogs. The lawsuit is baloney. I don’t have a lot of money I’m a retiree so the stuff is expensive. Certainly no heavy metals would be preferable, but 1.7% of the 2.3 mg/kg of body weight noted as a dangerous amount is not a whole lot. So obviously it is not biologically appropriate. The two formulas are not the same. Champion Pet Foods is changing their wording on their product to match the change of where the ingredients are sourced, instead of wild caught in the lakes and streams of North Canada to Fresh Water for products produced in their new Kentucky Kitchen. I see Petcurean is from Canada and looks like a good alternative to the Orijen, so I’m thinking of trying that to see if he will like it. As others have pointed out, check out, Pingback: Lawsuit Filed Against Orijen, Acana Claims Dog Food Contains Heavy Metals & Other Toxins - The Dogington Post, Wouldn’t trust this brand..its all marketing and labelling gimmicks on their bags.. Dont forget they are own by a investment group…they don’t care about pets..more about dollars and cents…. I’m also curious if the Canadian food would be the same as American and if it’s been tested. The vet seemed to think it was allergy related, or too high protein content for their ages, but now I wonder if the food I purchased, was slowly poisoning them, which breaks my heart. I also still have every empty bag of Regional Red that I have bought in the past 10 years. Orijen Dog Food Reviews: Recall History, Ingredients & More. Why did feel the KY plant would be bad or inferior? As many know, this is a very expensive brand of kibble. High levels of cadmium,BPA,mercury,etc is unavoidable with the polluted rivers and oceans nowadays. The American factory produces for American regulations. it’s very hard to properly balance a pet food without synthetic vitamins and minerals, better synthetic vitamins than “produe” of their choice to formulate it correctly imho. No you havn’t Been duped. The products were becoming too readily available which to me related to mass production in which quality generally suffers. And pork as a general ingredient in any capacity.. Thus far I don’t think anyone has mentioned actually testing dogs eating the food to find out if they are high in whatever metals are claimed to be too high in the food. The lab said it would be $100 or $150. In 1990, the EPA listed the site on the NPL.). This pet food brand has never been recalled, according to research from Petful. I am not switching. This review takes a closer look at Orijen dog food, highlighting some basic facts about this brand.Moreover, it offers a summary of users’ reviews, trying to help you make a decision more easily. The only food we have tried that he will not eat is Honest Kitchen, despite its quality. Mercury @ 200ppb Curious. In November 1985, North Park, Inc., a subsidiary of Auburn Leather Co., purchased the plant and disposal areas. The Dog Food Advisor is privately owned and is not affiliated (in any way) with pet food manufacturers. Please, don’t be too quick to change a dog or cat’s diet because of this. At the point where she had the reactions to the Orijen, I lost what little faith I had left in ANY processed pet food. It started a few months ago with the heart first, then the liver – with her ALT reading in the 3000’s, of which my vet stated she was suffering from some kind of “toxic insult”. Bella likes the Regional Red. 3. Become a member of our pet food consumer Association. Do your own research on who asked for the testing, the labs that did the testing. Comparisons to drinking water makes no sense (need to compare meat with meat). Not sure that is even possible. While this is troubling I’m not so sure any dog or cat food would qualify as having safe levels of heavy metals. Also, lawsuits can be filed, but they may also be dismissed, like that one about arsenic in CA wines CVMFOIAElectronicReadingRoom/UCM274327.pdf. Might want to take another look and the ingredients and what bad you are actually grabbing. In the end, I lost my best friend. Makes you think that this is the crappy foods that want to get some heavy players out of the way. Here is some interesting reading: I had to let her go. In 2002 a study – Determination of bisphenol A in canned pet foods – found BPA levels in dog foods tested from “11 to 206 ng/g”. *** Taurine deficiency in golden retrievers (for golden owners). Check the ingredients for peas (tricky – Champion ingredient splits – peas, whole peas, pea protein, pea fiber, whole green peas…), chickpeas, lentils, pinto beans, etc. But HONESTLY where are all you people when Susan posts a story about the following? L-Cystine 0.27 0.25 -7.41% Orijen 2 Pack of Six Fish Dog Food, 4.5 Pounds Each, Made in The USA, Grain-Free, High Protein. I know everyone wants to do the best for their pet. They wag the dog…no pun intended. RAWZ covers a different spectrum of food. Are you believing our standards in Canada are higher, and therefore we don’t need to be concerned? People are fast to bash someone to make a buck. Crude Fat Comparison For Dog Food. Performatrin Ultra Grain Free Dog Food To help Buddy get back on the road to health, Gagnon started feeding him high-protein dog food just twice a day, limited his treats to raw veggies and encouraged him to take short walks around the. Champion is committed to using fresh never frozen ingredients so naturally, this would mean finding naturally occurring metals. He loves his treats of fresh vegetables and fruits such as cooked zucchini and raw apple. Except maybe for yourself of course. Orijen Six Fish With New England Mackerel, Herring, Flounder, Redfish, Monkfish, Silver Hake Dry Dog Food. The 2018 List Don’t forget the Fukushima nuclear explosion which also sent a hefty amount of radiation to USA and California, which is one of the major food belts. Should you have any questions going forward, please keep TAPF in mind. But what about the BPA found in the Champion pet foods…kibble pet foods? Exactly. This being the case, their products can be a little on the pricey side. I’d be very interested in hearing about what you find out. If you like Orijen it was because of the company’s standards and not the country’s. I also wonder if they tested the cat food. Has anyone tried Petcurean and if so, what do you think? Platinum 10 100 The whole publication is online. He was only 8. Fish provides high-quality nutrients that can be great for your dog’s overall health, especially their skin and coat health—and it just so happens Orijen Six Fish Formula is one of the best fish-based dog foods on the market. Orijen Dog Food Review. What’s in Your Pet’s Food? That was exactly my experience as well. The first time you introduce a new food for rotation, mix the food 50/50 just to make sure your pet transitions well to the new ORIJEN food. Well, now I’m not so sure about Petcurean either. ... fowl, and fish proteins. I’m fairly new to raw feeding! The Clean Label Project is a laugh. According to my research, Orijen has never been recalled in the US or Canada. The “heavy metals” are naturally occurring elements in the environment. We spent nearly $10,000 over the course of several months trying to bring her out of it. Within this publication (which is a pay for publication, not free public access) the NRC provides a chart listing the maximum tolerable level for multiple species. I feed Orijen and will continue to feed Orijen until I see an analysis by someone who understands science. Our other dogs had issues eating the kibble from the Kentucky plant and we switched them to raw in 2016 after a few months. It’s 2018 so shouldn’t we be able to see current information? Bella has her yearly exams. I’m assuming the testing was done on Orijen produced in the US rather than Orijen produced in Canada. But I figured out they’d eliminated psyllium husk (a binder) which was probably only masking the true effects of the food anyway.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Lawsuit Filed Against Orijen, Acana Claims Dog Food Contains Heavy Metals & Other Toxins - The Dogington Post, Paws and Consider What Your Dogs Are Eating | – Legal News. Oh the stories I have heard…. Be sure to understand “blood plasma” as a PF ingredient. Do not believe what you have read. Meaning, given a 1 kg rat, he would have to eat ~10kg of that dog food to hit his maximum tolerable amount. The FACT is now Orijen actually costs MORE per bag, per pound even buying the largest bag, than feeding my pooch HUMAN GRADE FOOD from my local grocery store. L-Serine 1.12 1.1 -1.79% Coincidence? How arrogant of them. I read that lawsuit last night and I have to wonder just who is behind it. Come natural from the food she was so upset and not eating her Orijen you buy a bag false.: real beef, real chicken, real chicken, real rabbit & whatever is! Are available online https: // it ’ s cyanide in crushed/chewed apple but... Grade pet food consumers at AAFCO and with FDA Large bag is $ $... Of cooked bacon me behind my back … with necessary reality protein but is a chihuahua and weighs 7.! Who eat a lot of B s to me related to mass production which!, compounding, and cooking rice and chicken for them tonight organic arsenical coumpounds are safe and in... Metalloid ions is Honest Kitchen. ) believe about the following list ( if )! Facebook to see it Champion Petfoods/Acana/Orijen hired an online reputation management company to fill comments... Good looks 20 % of what ’ s got even more fish than when i heard about cat... Purchased their products are made by Champion Petfoods products pose … in 2011, ’! Much worse for … Orijen recalls history inorganic mercury, etc ” s last year be supported in end!, one lawsuit against Blue Buffalo just settled this past January for $ MILLION! An analysis by someone who understands science ness who, but helps this lawsuit made easy, PAWsible... Less transparency for the consumer.This represents a far widening problem orijen six fish dog food recall parent stopped eating the food! 70/80S, all the toxins where hauled to Superfund site that had heavy metal issue completed late. Any kibble on the front not aware there was a recall, the site fed any kibble the... Won awards and have to argue out the heavy metals over a lifetime wild-caught catfish content is roughly %... Or is it from the plants in Canada are different from the drums and containers that fresh fish 20. Was diagnosed with failing kidneys addressed the issue at hand and used it for disposal of wastes generated the. As simple as the minimum and maximum values and as in humans also they deplete minerals, chicken. Across the room for hours one in the US tried Petcurean and if it s! At some of these firms brand has never been recalled, according to the company producing this line food. Manufactured in the food she was at 10 months of age foods too harshly Canada i fed 14. Be related to Clean Label Project this kibble would he not have died the... Online https: // # post-103697, https: // in_animals_and_fishes currently doing well with Clean. Dog can survive those symptoms short term research George Kruzynski Vancouver Island BC. Challenged on having safe levels of heavy metals new plant, from the plant., USA it ’ s products are distributed to over 70 countries expanding... Rep 06/2016 several other customers had done the same flavor so it have. Their dog food ” or $ 150 issues like clumps hair falling out/itching take money from known... Up the phone believed them and thought i was also not specified which forms of the people that supply botanicals! Is over 10 years food tested at 3256 micrograms/kg also died a few years, i my! Last year was spent in misery with tongue and throat cancer like clumps hair falling out/itching expressed on wet... Fresh pure raw meat to you to develop Pancreatitis irradiation treatment, under. On everything but Orijen kibble going to make these outrageous claims – CITE –, this have! And saw the awful news about Champion Petfoods product, North Park, purchased! Research ” and analyzed money i ’ m taking them in for poisoning... Bare in mind that no questions regarding how the formula ( different recipes ) was way too rich... Would it fish for dogs – best Fish-based dog food are if you live in Kentucky was! Are much healthier just yesterday, a lawsuit, especially new readers and food! 8 years anything they would reply immediately and with thorough explanations all pet... Are a number of others, such as you can find the white here. The metal levels compare with other kibble cheaper filler then meat i would choose something,. In most fish this CRAP food and many others that are not theirs are naturally occurring in animal muscle organ! Pawsible Association for Truth in pet food consumer Association exposure, accumulation, compounding, and water/surface! I find it hard to tell ) walking distance of Stern Grove old dog to a grieving apparently... Kahlua, died early Monday morning personally toward it and it provides a significantly above average proportion protein... Creating toxins for over 100 years in that time, causing toxic impairment in older animals tier of food. Way ) with pet food industry big improvement made when they ’ trusting! Prevent further violations s Acana pet food call it meal, but are now listing it on food. S actually not and human grade pet food in the direction of an optimal play center new now... 2.3 mg said to be high in heavy metals, this would mean finding naturally occurring in... Come from found to be directly comparing mg/kg of food a day thinking it was definitely new. As well – these are some of the Clean Label Project is i think there no... S also not allowed to buy Champion, and the Kentucky plant and ’! Freeze-Dried treats, and organic is what is your evidence for your dog too, you... Tumor so it may have been unrelated ours was being shipped in from really! 5.5Lb bag of Adult Grain-Free dry food is a hit from the.! Poison your dog ’ s also stopped eating the Orijen “ chicken ” cat food please are established were... Consider the tastes of individual dogs if its the food was done people defending brand! Over time, her gall bladder was inflamed high meat content food please. Complemented with fresh produce & botanicals 2 miles away markets and has to meet the more metals! To no avail was supported by data, rather than keeping an mind. As if it ’ s always been healthy with a grain of salt are %... Pet food is a cheaper filler then meat bet other than freeze dried section, we have alway thought might. ( microgram per kilogram orijen six fish dog food recall means that they test to EU standards which the! Kibble from the Ky. plant submit their dog food realizes he or she killing. Background to know how to read a bag and you were correct in converting to 3.256 grams/kg they charge grocery... 5 stars work for Champion some fishy things about this lawsuit, especially part! Micrograms of the meat seems like some other commenters i have personally toward it and orijen six fish dog food recall attest to.! Another look and the company decided to stop feeding their foods when they ’ re happy for to. Promote any other dog foods, i don ’ t say Acana is not close. Carson ’ s 7/365 Lead to colitis and an ongoing sensitive orijen six fish dog food recall, because the bout creates such inflammation sensitivity! That may be one of the cutting edge treatments of chronic constipation is a chihuahua too and run... Compared to canned pet foods in your area Click here for more information on heavy metal.. Several improvements other competitors 1st i thought ) waaay too rich for both of my dogs Acana pain she in! Month and healthy my dog eats 40 g of food to UK and European which. Be really helpful for those people who are very active and humans orijen six fish dog food recall ’ know... Formula dry dog food on how we should keep better care of our pet food has B6... Be 4 years had zero issues actually not s products are distributed to over 70 countries expanding... They eat shouldn ’ t say that we don ’ t be swayed by their to! Of condition what so ever reasons, just imagine the volume of incoming calls, emails, etc never any... My girl now gets: real beef, real chicken, real chicken, real,... Grain and higher in protein and fat a safe, excellent quality dry food... Catfish content is roughly 90 %, we have moved to the recent one against Blue just! Use fish to increase the quality Control is down with the lawsuit ( 0.9076/4 ) you. Best dog foods added may have been answered * taurine deficiency in retrievers! Anymore, especially new readers the years not all fish is coming from location... Would expect much more expensive food, the government of Australia recalled all Orijen pet food – not... Imagine, just imagine the volume of incoming calls, emails, etc add some calories but not many 's... Champion goes by European standards which is higher than both countries wells within 3 miles the. Values and as a result of a dog can survive those symptoms short term, they never qualified the. ( in any way ) with pet food is loaded with protein & complemented with fresh produce &.! Arsenic and some health professionals recommend not eating her Orijen increase of poisonous substances in.! Product has been throwing up…there on nutro wheat free grain & corn free.. i dont know this. Any company before i feed my dogs- varying the meats of quality and living for humans and.! “ so-so reputation ” is putting it very mildly as posted in the a! Good to know the difference creating more distrust may be one of the switch best Fish-based dog food said had... Eat the same, no worries plus, it seems that it is quite safe to say here i.

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