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massdrop sennheiser hd58x

Luckily, you won’t need to invest in anything too expensive or uncommon, and I was able to power these adequately even with something as simple as a Scarlett 2i2 interface. These headphones are based on the original HD 580 design, which eventually led to classic Sennheiser headphones like the HD 600 and HD 650. So i just tried the HD58X with my Audio-GD NFB-11.28 DAC/amp and Darkvoice 336SE OTL tube head amp (using the NFB-11.28 DAC function for the 336SE). The HD58x is the better value for casual listeners who don’t have an expensive rig. Priced at $150 USD exclusively on Massdrop, the HD58X is housed in a frame that is aesthetically aligned with the prestigious HD600/HD650 family. HD58X also has a 150-Ohm impedance, so less ideal for OTL tube amps than all the Sennheisers mentioned here. Sadly, the HD58x lacks a good sense of width and feels rather closed in. An all plastic housing and headphone headband is not something I want to see. In the spirit of the HD 580, with current technology and optimizations learned throughout the series’ rich history, we’re excited to release the newest evolution: the Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee. The HD58x is a bit dry in tonality and lacks sparkle in the treble and a thick, broad sense of bass response of the HD650/HD6xx. In this case, it’s Sennheiser with a pair of open-back headphones dubbed the HD 58X Jubilee. Most notably, the HD58X oozes nostalgia, with a cosmetic akin to the limited edition HD580 Jubilee from 1995. The same test with the HD6xx yields a superior sound quality everywhere when paired with a great amplifier. I’ve been on EQ kick lately but also crave something that I can just plug in anywhere and have it sound good without DSP. The Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee is a reinterpretation of the original Sennheiser HD580 and is priced at a very competitive $149.99. Normally we post our videos on mondays but...With only few hours left until the Massdrop of HD58X ends, we decided to release this unboxing video early search. In fact, for the price, maybe two or three other headphones exist on the market that are just as nice or can be with sufficient amplifier and DAC quality. The six foot audio cable has an OFC cable with a 3.5mm on one end and the usual Sennheiser connector on the other. Sometimes though, Massdrop goes a bit further and partners with a large company to make a more affordable version of whatever it is that particular company makes. I personally like a more wool-like appeal with a soft impact from top to bottom though. The Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee headphones don’t disappoint: sound quality is exactly as I’d expect from a pair of open-back cans by a company like Sennheiser. The Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee have that signature large, oval, open-back earcup. The HD58x is good for some tracks, the HD6xx is good for the rest. This was a real treat to finally have something of a direct competitor with me at the same time as the famed HD650 remade into the Massdrop HD6xx. Disclaimer: The Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 58X Jubilee was sent to us a sample in exchange for our honest opinion and does not have to be returned. Sennheiser has once again collaborated with Massdrop to create the amazing and affordable HD58X Jubilee. 00 It is far easier to listen to for extended periods of time than the HD58x. For example, while plugged into my Pixel 3 (with that stupid dongle) I was able to listen to music perfectly fine, but only when I maxed out the volume on my Pixel. It feels more authoritative and snappy. To my ear, it is overly dry and unappealing. Massdrop x Sennheiser HD58X Open Back Headphones.

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